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Recycle with Tristar Trading & Recycling LLP

We are currently running India's first Hammer Mills in 2 different states producing over 50000 Mt of shredded scrap annually.

We in collaboration with experienced and renowned shredder manufacturers across Europe & US are dedicatedly working to bring new era in the field of scrap recycling in India. 

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About Us

"Here to Keep the World Clean"

At Tristar Trading & Recycling LLP, we’re committed to providing environmentally friendly recycling solutions to Mumbai and the surrounding areas. Founded in 2022, our mission is to process your materials in a safe, non-hazardous manner — with an aim to keep the world environmentally clean.

We provide recycling service to companies with an aim to reduce redundancy and bring efficiency in decade old scrap melting vertical by shredding both ferrous and non ferrous scrap. In the process we clean scrap from any contaminenets like dust, rust, plastic, rubber etc helping companies to achieve better yields and consistent chemistry in their raw material.  

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What We Offer

A single-source provider with total system capabilities that include double & Triple shaft shredders, Hammer Mills, infeed and takeaway conveyors, electro magnets, eddy current separators, wire strippers, slicers and much more....

Shredding Machines
Hammer Mills, Double Shaft, Triple Shaft

These machines aggressively reduces size and densify material whilst liberating the various different fractions and allowing for better separations and reduced transport costs. When the material enters the hammer mill shredding chamber, it will be hammered, shredded and impacted by hammer and gears which are mounted on shredder rotor into clean and dense metal fraction. There by reducing the size and increasing the density of the finished material. It helps remove paint, dust, rust, plastic, rubber and also segregates any non-ferrous  material to give clean and consistent chemistry for melting.

De-bailer, Pre-shredder

Best used for de-bailing bundles and pre shred over size scrap hms bundles, car bundles, mix heavy, paint box bundles for quick processing.


Turn Key Project

We have vast experience of setting up complete shredder plants from infrastructure, electrical and machine sourcing and installation.
We have customized teams designed with proficiency to work specific areas of the project.

Job Work

We are currently working with many established brands to work their plants for them. We come in with trained team and take over the production. 

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